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Pocket e-expert in style and clothes
About Marie Elyst
Marie Elyst is a mobile application that knows the history of fashion, how color, cut and fabric work, based on scientific researches and the centuries-old history of fashion, art and color interpretations.

One usually knows what one's personality is, what one loves and how one wants to look. We do not want to be like anyone else, we want to be ourselves. We want our clothes to tell our personal stories. We also want to be and look different depending on the mood and situation: strong and courageous, or ethereal and romantic. But for sure we want to remain truly ourselves.

Your style - You decide - We help
What will you get using our app?
We struggled with style and clothes for years, found a solution and want to share it with you and your friends.
Real-time guidance
in the fitting room
Are you in the fitting room and need an advice right now?
Deep inside you know that this t-shirt or skirt is not what you need, but you like it so much and seeking for someone to tell you why you should not buy it?
Want to know whether this would fit in your wardrobe? Would you be wearing it with that jacket? What else can you wear it with? We are here to help!

You will be able to
purchase consciously
Our guidance will bring awareness to the way you do your shopping
And therefore even if you still want to buy the not-so-necessary-but-gorgeous dress, you will do it consciously and with our solution center, you will know for sure what to do with it later on, so it will not be hanging forever in your closet.
Work your inspiration
together with us
How to tailor your style inspiration to your daily life?
We help you to adapt whatever you are inspired off to the wardrobe of your lifestyle. With our knowledge of fashion and art history, how the color and garment works on the body you will be able to adapt your wardrobe to whatever you like.
Clean up your wardrobe,
together with us
Add more fresh airflow to your life.
And make mission impossible possible by having a modern, up-to-date and stylish wardrobe, that is wearable and infrequent use, instead of "one day I will lose weight", "when an occasion comes", "for special events", "just need to find what can I wear it with", etc. Within our network, we will help you to find a person who will make use of it now, not sometime later.
Our help to spend
less money and time
Your money and your time belong to you!
Nowadays stores update their collections every two weeks and we know how difficult it is sometimes to find what you want. Therefore, if you were not able to find a piece of garment or accessory immediately, we will look it for you while you are living your life and we will notify you once it is available in stores.
Personalised wardrobe
using our knowledge
You know what you like and want, but don't know how to make it happen?
Carefully and gently we help you to achieve the desired result: a wardrobe that reflects your character, lifestyle and is comfortable to the maximum extent possible.
Sounds familiar? Don't be shy and tell us everything about your own experience of buying clothes!
Marie Elyst does not work for any shops
and therefore will not try to sell you more clothes.
Instead we will help you to find what you really want.
The problem is ...
When you look at pictures of your outfit,
you realise that something is wrong, your clothes do not represent who you are.
You make the decision
"I need a change! I want to look like myself!"
You spend lots of time
looking for clothes that would represent you and fit you.
You spend money
on the clothes that end up in your closet without being worn.
You look at the pictures of your outfits and still
"this is not me and not what I wanted".
You make the decision
"I need a change! I want to look like myself!"
After spending more money and more time...
you ask yourself "What am I doing wrong?"
We all had that moment when shopping seems to be a bigger problem, than anything else in our lives.
Making decisions becomes so exhausting and consuming, that we end up choosing "something" just to stop suffering.

We end up having clothes in our wardrobe that occupy space and are not being worn.
Here is what we all want
How to buy clothes that I would be WEARING100%?
I have so many pieces that I bought for an occasion or impulsively, and now they are just hanging in my wardrobe.
How to spend LESS TIME AND MONEY on clothes?
Sometimes it takes days to find something! And then my size or color I want is not available.
How to choose clothes that would be comfortable, beautiful and would REPRESENT ME?
The best would be if I can afford it as well.
How to LOSE (or gain) WEIGHT by choosing the right piece of clothes?
I see people that have a similar complexion to mine look slimmer and I want to know how?
How NOT TO BUY the same clothes, that I already own and not happy about them?
It is so difficult to find something different, I end up buying the same and I'm tired of it.
Personalised means that it would tell my story, it would represent my character.
Tell your story! :)
7 simple questions to tell us about your personal experience when buying clothes and to help us to develop a product for your needs.
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1. What is the hardest part of finding the right piece of garment?*
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2. Why was it so hard to find it?*
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3. What have you tried to solve this problem?*
What else have you tried to solve this problem?
4. How many times have you tried to solve it?*
5. Why did these solutions not work for you?*
What was the issue with it?
6. How frequent is the problem?*
7. Anything else you want to add?
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Tell us about your personal experience with buying clothes and help us to develop a product for your needs.
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