Maria Adao
Founder & Visioner
Who am I: Fashion is my passion since forever. Took courses in NABA Milano and Central Saint Martins in London. Provided private consultations about style. Did some blogging and vlogging, came up with an idea to create an automated pocket stylist.
Born and raised in Siberia, lived in 5 countries, an expert in demanding Customer Services (11 years in Business Aviation). Managed to reanimate 2 aircraft out of the desert.

Why Marie Elyst: I'm fed up with the impact of fast fashion on our lives, minds, and nature.
Styling apps on the market are representing the shops, but not those who buy. Usage of an unhealthy system of "likes" to influence the buyer.
Apps address the sizing of the clothes, however, do not explain to consumers the fit and usability of the items.

My dream: happy people owning and wearing clothes that represent their inner selves. We have to stop buying clothes just because they are cheap, or we are bored, or we need to have something new to wear to an event.
We will achieve it together by mindful shopping.

Marie Elyst is here to help you to find your mindful wardrobe.
Our partners
Marie Elyst is a part of the incubator of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and our company was featured in the article on the 11th of May 2020.
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